How to Identify Fake Packers and Movers in Gurugram
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How to Identify Fake Packers and Movers in Gurugram

Shifting brings drastic changes in the life of people. The emotional drainage is the biggest challenge at the time of relocation. You have to perform so many tasks and your emotions should be covered by them. When you are mentally and sentimentally so overloaded, you need help so that you can relocate comfortably and effortlessly. Losing or damaging items is completely unaffordable during the shifting. You are already going through a lot when you have to leave your older city, home, and locality and move to a new one, and in the wake of all that, if you lose or break your precious items, you just add to your melancholy.

To survive the relocation process without the breakdown of your machinery, you need reliable support which you can get from the packers and movers. The people that you reach out to for your shifting should be genuine and trustworthy. If you are moving your office, you need to get 100% assurance of the safety of your files and documents. You cannot submit the important stuff in the hands of shady packers and movers companies. There are many fake movers and packers in Gurugram who are just a threat to your money and belongings. Giving your goods in the custody of someone else is a major, crucial task on which your future depends. As for the part of the moving company, it is a job full of responsibility and dedication. Any minor mistake from either of the parties can cause great havoc. It is important that you find good packers and movers in Gurugram, else, you won’t survive your relocation successfully. If you want to know how to identify the fake movers and packers from the real ones, we are here to help you. We have enlisted a few points; you just need to read along and understand.

You will find many relocation companies but only a handful of them will be trustworthy. Moreover, if you seek moving companies online, you will find shady firms there too. However, it is easier to identify fake companies online than in the market. All the companies claim to be the best among the rest, but you have to be very cautious before hiring them. After all, you are entrusting them with your lifelong earnings.

  • To find the fake packers and movers in Gurugram, the first step you need to take is to go through the certificates and registration of the company. Check whether it is a licensed one or not. Many times, when you will come across an unlicensed firm, it will agree to assist in a strangely reduced price. You should get carried away by their offers as they are just a means to trap people.
  • Another point of identification is when a company provides you underweight and low estimates of the products. Generally, a real mover will provide the overweight, maximum estimate of your belongings.
  • The third and easiest way is to go through the reviews of previous clients. You can rely on their words. Also, you can call them up and talk in person if you want to. The testimonials are also a great help. Even if a company is certified, you need to be sure that its working is satisfactory as well.
  • Lastly, go for the company which introduces the insurance clause in your contract too. The shady ones won’t let you know about the insurance policies as they are the enemies of their dark jobs, whereas, a trustworthy mover and packers company will always inform you of the benefits of insuring your goods.

Packers And Movers India - Why They Charge Differently?
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Packers And Movers India - Why They Charge Differently?

Whether you are moving from one area to another, one state to another, or a different nation, you can take into service - packers and movers company without any uncertainty and get your possessions packed and moved effortlessly. But if you are wondering about the expenses and want to locate out how much does it charge to sign up packers and movers Hyderabad then keep on reading. Let us see how the pricing works and how it is different here.

Mostly movers and packers charges take in the following -

Cost of Packing Materials - The cost of packing materials plays a great role in the overall rates of relocation. High quality and shockproof materials will cost more thus it will increase the ultimate price.

Labor Charges for Packing - Most of the work is carried out by the labor force of the moving company and therefore it is right to give the majority amount to the staff for their efforts.

Charges for Loading - Loading stuff in the vehicle may cost you extra. Although these services are sometimes included in the package, you might have to pay for it if not included. 

Transportation Charges - The fuel charges, toll taxes (if any) and renting the vehicle -all these services will also contribute to the final bill statement.

Unloading - This is a service that is more often not included in the package but is needed the most. As you will be tired from all the traveling, you would need help for the unloading. So it’s better to avail of this service beforehand. 

Insurance - As your goods are valuable to you, movers and packers acknowledge this fact and might offer you with insurance service. This should not be neglected as you would not want to damage your products. Signing up for this service will make your packers and movers attentive as they will be responsible for all the damages.

Applicable Taxes - Service tax, octroi and other taxes can increase your bill statement. So be sure to talk about these topics before agreeing to any of the company policies. 

The Common Mistakes of Hiring Packers and Movers Company
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The Common Mistakes of Hiring Packers and Movers Company

Relocating your home can be a very chaotic and time-consuming procedure. It’s also a physically draining thing to do. Previously, we had to do it all by ourselves and was not proper helping associations in existence. But now, fortunately, we have a number of skilled packers and movers companies that take utmost care in moving our household and official possessions that hold a lot of value to us to different cities, and sometimes even to different countries.

But the pressure involved in packing and moving our home in unavoidable and often leads us to commit several mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly. These mistakes often cost us a lot and literally increase our expenses towards packers and movers.

Some of the most frequent mistakes are listed below. Read further and be alert the next time you are in a hunt for an ideal packers and movers company.

Thinking A Cheap Service is A Nice Service

A low-priced relocation company sounds good, as it is equal to a cutback in money, but you need to be cautious of claims and discounted deals. Anything that is extremely cheap needs to be dealt with carefulness. There are companies who have a record of catching the attention of clients with the enhanced set of inexpensive services, but certainly, have something else to present. Relocation packages are planned out in terms of miles, relocation remoteness, types of goods and services to transfer and other factors. You cannot essentially aim an affordable set of solutions if you are traveling a long distance and from a company that is proficient, provides a reasonable rate. Because if it is excessively economical on the invoice, the company would either hike the cost in the invoice when the services are served or add other additional charges.

Not Comparing on the Quotations of the Service Providers

One of the frequently made mistakes from people to rearrange is that they do not sense the obligation to evaluate the various quotations of the service suppliers. Although it is correct that bargaining is done, instead of the accessibility of service providers, who offer quotations pre-service, they need not essentially dwell into the basic and once a good quotation is agreed, they stick to it. The good news is with online marketplaces you now can accurately compare between a variety of different companies and choose and employ from a list of service providers who supply quotations and you can even see their listed ratings, reviews, and response from other customers.

Not Researching the Company to Hire

People who relocate essentially remain busy and in a hurry, they are in want for a splendid quotation from a company that assures speedy service. Doing it is obviously an inclusive decision, but if you are not sure about the kind of service and company, you stay at the possibility of getting the worst services. So, it is significant that you stay knowledgeable about your packers and movers company before hiring it. With online packers and movers in Bengaluru, you can practically compare the goodwill of a company.

Saving on Insurance

We often don’t avail the insurance service for our goods because of the additional costs. But this could be a major mistake. We won’t get reimbursed if the goods get spoiled or misplaced during shipment. Cheaper packer and mover companies don’t put forward insurance, but the major ones do. Take benefit of the insurance service to decrease your worries. As you would not want your precious possessions and belongings to get damaged as they hold a lot of memories to you which you will need at your new address.

So the next time you are finding a group of excellent packers and movers for your relocation be sure to consider the above-mentioned points and be cautious about all the mistakes listed above and try to make a smart decision so that you may experience a comfortable relocation with a trustworthy relocation company in India.

Choosing the Best Season to Move
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Choosing the Best Season to Move

Moving is always an appalling experience as it has a lot to do in a limited timeframe. There is a list of things you need to figure out and execute them with utmost efficiency with the help of packers and movers. This requires you to reflect on various elements that have to be done while you relocate. Recall all the steps that might be involved in the packing and moving and then put yourself into that situation. Only then, you will be able to choose the best time for your relocation.

Best Time to Move?

Early Morning - Early to bed and early to rise will not just make you wise but also help you relocate. Any top packers movers company will not waste a second of the day. They have finalized for the move and thus will reach your location early in the morning. So, it is better that you wake up before they arrive and get some things done with might improve the efficiency and complete the relocation on time. This will also help you if you live in a warm country like India as the mornings will be cooler and you won’t be exhausted in the middle of the relocation. Also, nothing can compare to the energy you will have early in the morning, which will help you do a lot of stuff in the initial hours while you leave the rest on the movers and packers Delhi.

Best Day to Move?

Weekdays (Monday to Friday) - When it comes to picking up a day for your move, it is advised that you choose between the weekdays as there is a lesser demand at this time of the week. The fall in demand might also help you a great deal as the prices might be a little lesser than weekends. If the budget is something you need to think about, this trick will work like a charm. As everyone would want to move on weekends, packers and movers in New Delhi might charge you little high on those days. But when you move on a weekday you have some time left when you can arrange some of the basic things while leaving the rest of it for the weekends. This way you are not all exhausted on those leisure days but you can slowly unpack things and settle easily. While the remaining time, you can go for a walk in the neighborhood to explore your new location.

Further concerns when selecting your moving date is the weather. And this plays a major role. Any extreme and harsh weather conditions will only ruin your relocation experience. So be sure that you move when the temperature is moderate and also check the forecast before finalizing the dates with your packers and movers.

How to Pack Books in 5 Simple Ways
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How to Pack Books in 5 Simple Ways

Being a movable book collector can be a challenging task. The first concern that comes to your mind when hearing the ‘relocation’ is for your giant number of books that you have collected in the past decades. These books are not just something that you own but they mean a lot to your soul and you have a lot of memories with them. You can find a group of packers and movers in Mumbai to carry out this task.

Even though getting your books from one place to another is one of the most overwhelming parts of any move, it’s also one of the most satisfying things as you get to revisit old memories and find yourself in a new place in the middle of a mountain of books. In the anxiety of setting up a new place, organizing your bookshelves and will make you feel peaceful and make a new space which will feel like home. Here are some well-liked and simple strategies for moving a heap of books which will make your entire moving experience a lovable one.

Organize Your Shelves -One of the most excellent things about moving is that it provides the ideal inspiration to clear some of those books that have been hanging back on your shelves. Commencing a month or two before your intended move, take a few glimpses through your bookshelves and ask yourself whether you really want to bring this book among all the other books to your new place. More often than not the answer will be a resounding no. Once you have decided to give a book in a giveaway, don’t look at it again; take those books straight to a second-hand bookstore or online store to sell or donate and get them out of your hair. This will drop a lot of books from your list, leaving only the ones that you truly cherish.

Utilize Small Boxes -This seems quite apparent, but it’s a blunder people always tend to make. Small boxes work great for books and will not even take a lot of space in your transportation vehicle. You can also use liquor store boxes, banana boxes, and old shipping boxes (from all of the books that you have ordered online) work well for packing all of your books. In case, if you use larger boxes, only fill them up to 75 percent with books and you can use the rest for clothes, office supplies or other light-weight objects. Such things will also act as a shock absorber and will protect your books from any jerks and damages. You can also fill up the remaining part of boxes with paper or bubble wrap, for further protection of the books.

Pack Tactically and Label Sensibly -When you get equipped to pack your books, pack with a plan in your head so that you don’t have to worry while unpacking. Keep books that are tabled together in the same boxes so you’re not scouting about for books that go together while you are unpacking. And take some time to label up your boxes in a manner that makes sense to you. You can write the genre and read/unread kinds of tags on the box, or just in the manner, you have your shelves arranged. This will save you a great deal of time and won’t frustrate you later. If you like the way your shelves are set, take photos so you have a reminder of where books normally go. And your new library will be like the previous one just better. This will help your packers and movers to unpack your stuff.

Box the Books Before Time -While it’s alluring to wait on boxing up books, but it’s best to deal with them as early as possible in the packing process. Having the boxes sitting around can be troublesome, but packing them early means you are still provoked to pack cautiously, and still have fine boxes to use, and you can cull a few additional titles as you are filling up boxes.

These tips will help your packers and movers company as well to make your relocation easy.