PMDIR- A Trusted Packers and Movers Directory
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PMDIR- A Trusted Packers and Movers Directory

PMDIR is one of the most trusted platforms in India that provides you with vivid options in terms of shifting company. Many companies are registered on this platform which can help you to make shifting as easy as possible. Whenever you plan to shift from one city to another or even within the same city, a sense of responsibility is put on your head. No one wants to get indulge in unnecessary work like that of shifting. It takes a lot of pains to shift all the cargos from one place to another.

To chuck off the responsibility, people opt for hiring some of the great packers and movers that are registered on PMDIR. It is one of the finest online relocation options that help you in every step of shifting. The steps involve packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and rearranging the goods in the new location. This is the reason why they have become the top leading name in this sector.

The movers and packers are not only reliable but also take the full responsibility for the task. They follow a systematic approach to the work and complete the task within 5 to 6 hours. The main aim of the packers and movers in Gurugram is to maintain the safety of the goods.

The quality of packing material is taken into consideration. High-quality cartons, tailored and insulated boxes and wrapping tapes are used. Paper balls and bubble wraps are used to prevent the goods from any kind of a jerk. They take the full responsibility of delivering the goods at your doorstep. After hiring them, you just have to guide them through the process.

The rates of the packers and movers in Gurugram are also very nominal. They do not believe in exploiting their clients but to serve them better for their comfort. A proper bill generated that keeps the record of the services taken. The factors on which the rates of the firm depend are listed below:

  • The weight of the goods being transported. The heavy weighted furniture is costlier to shift from one place to another.
  • The distance between the source and destination. The rate increases with the increase in the number of kilometers.
  • The expensive items are costlier to transport as the insurance charges are also included with it. 

This reason makes movers and packers company the one and only chosen to opt for any relocation. If you want and smooth and quick shifting, consult them now!

How to do a Good Packing for Damage Free Shifting?
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How to do a Good Packing for Damage Free Shifting?

Shifting to a new place? Trust us, we understand your tension. The packers and movers in Gurugram are always ready to assist the people in going to or from the capital. They will help you in everything, starting from planning to the final execution of the process. Although the movers and packers are there for you, whats the harm in doing some tit-bits by yourself? If you are willing to take over some responsibilities of packing the goods by yourself, let us tell you how to do the job. 

You can be instrumental in taking care of some small and fragile items. It’s easy to pack them and when you do it on your own; you know where you have kept them so it is easier for you to unpack them later. However, do not try to pack and move everything by yourself. Remember that you can help the packers and movers to an extent but not take their place.

The first thing you should do is remove your unwanted stuff from the house. No matter how many times you clean and organize your home, there will always be a huge lot of unnecessary materials in it. Old and damaged irons, radios, and other appliances, old and worn out clothes, useless furniture, and many other things are present in every home in the world. If you want to lessen your burden, you should get rid of these things before beginning your packing. 

When you pack books, you can sort them into different sections. Separate the books according to the genres and pile them up. The packers and movers will then pack them according to the sorting criteria. The same can be done with clothes. You can separate them on the basis of summer and winter wear. Organized and sorted packing will help you immensely later on. 

Another trick that can help you reduce your overall packing cost is- try finding the original packaging of the appliances and other heavy objects. If you have the original boxes of your TVs, ACs, etc. you can assure their safety and cut the budget cost.

The tips given above are proven and approved by professional experts. Take a packet of chips and dive in. Give a day of your life to this purpose and pat your back forever.

Do These Things When Unpacking Your New Home.
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Do These Things When Unpacking Your New Home.

Packing all your stuff and then moving it to a new place is no doubt a daunting task but you know what is even more annoying? It is all the unpacking that we have to do when we reach our new destination. Shifting is not an easy task it involves a lot of labor, time and money so it becomes quite exhausting to unpack all your stuff once you have shifted to your new place.

Here are a few tips to make unpacking a little easier:

  1. Before you start digging into those boxes, give your new home a good cleaning.
  2. Keep your cleaning supplies in a box that you can unpack first. You will want to have this box handy.
  3. The first thing you need to do when moving into a new home is set up the bed and dress it up with fresh linens. At the end of a long day of unpacking, having a bed to collapse into is a godsend.
  4. Have a place for everything & put everything in its place. You will keep the same system, just move it to a new house, which is what will make this easy.
  5. After your bed is done then move on to the kitchen and start unpacking all the kitchenware.
  6. You'll feel instantly at-home if you get yourself settled into the bathroom. Hang a shower curtain, fill the medicine cabinet, and hang your towels. See, it's starting to feel like your place already!
  7. As your empty boxes, you may run across things that will go into a storage unit or attic. Create a few dedicated boxes and organize as you go.
  8. When you come across a decoration (picture, etc…) just hang it up. Don’t let it sit for months because you can’t decide just pick a place & hang it up. You can move it at any time down the road.

If you want to make your unpacking experience smooth then all you need to is seek help from packers and movers they will help you throughout from packing to loading and even unpacking. Movers and packers are the easiest solutions for a convenient shifting. Packers and movers service provides the best help at your doorstep to make your relocation easy. They are available in every city all you need to do just look for the packers and movers near your place and then leave all the work on them. If you are in Chennai then you can seek help from packers and movers Kolkata. They will provide the best service to you.

Packers and Movers Service in Chennai
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Packers and Movers Service in Chennai

Preparing up oneself for shifting is very difficult. Not just financially and physically but also emotionally. Once we have spent a major part of our lives in one place, it is tough to leave it. In fact, just the idea of leaving the loved ones behind and settling in a city which is completely alien is terrible but then what is life without some twist? On the brighter side of shifting, we can see that it brings with it many changes and opportunities. One gets to know new people, visit new places, and begin a new phase of life and what not. Every event of life is just like a coin with two sides. You can either chose to be sad about it or look at it as a new experience.

Coming back to relocation, let us consider this event as a change for betterment. Now, a good change should always be done with comfort and safety. Practically speaking, relocation involves a whole lot of deal. From moving all the small and big items of the house to changing or transferring the schools of your children, the list of jobs is endless. Needless to say, you have a very little time and many huge tasks. So, why not take some help?

If you don’t know then you must know now that there are several people out there extending a helping hand to you in return for some monetary support. Yes, I am talking about the packers and movers. If you are moving to or away from Chennai, you need to hire the packers and movers in Chennai to help you with the task of shifting your goods. At PMDIR, we help people like you by providing them the most awesome relocation companies to perform your job of packing and moving. Moreover, our service, which includes making you meet with a number of packers and movers, is absolutely free. Now, instead of moving from website to website in search of a good moving company, you can straight away to PMDIR and get multiple moving agencies in a go.

Let PMDIR and its packers and movers handle your relocation while you take care of the rest of the important works.

Professional packers and movers in Chennai
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Professional packers and movers in Chennai

Chennai is one of the most developed cities in India. It has emerged as an attractive destination for numerous software companies and is readily changing into a corporate hub and therefore, it witnesses many relocations throughout the year. Packers and movers are a must in a city like Chennai. Where there are a number of job transfers every day, therefore seeking help from packers and movers is a common thing here.

Relocation is a tyrannic task whether it is office relocation, city relocation or international relocation shifting your belongings from one place to another has always been daunting task movers and packers not only pack all your stuff carefully but they also load it and then transport it and at last unload it to the target destination without any damage to it. Movers and packers are your easy solution for relocation.Packers and movers service in Chennai is a big business nowadays as so many people have to make a shift.

Since shifting from one place to another is a very ordinary thing, so in such situation seeking help from professional movers and packers will be your best decision as they will provide full security of your stuff.

Some of the major help provided by professional packers and movers in Chennai are-:

  • Collecting, arranging and packing all the household items
  • Loading from the source
  • Transporting to the target destination
  • Unloading

Relocating has increased with increase in globalization and urbanization and with increased relocation packers and movers companies have also increased therefore it is very crucial to find the best packers and movers service from all the listed ones

It is indeed a great idea to take help from professionals while moving from one place to another especially in a city like Chennai where traffic is still a major issue. Who doesnt wants to have a stress-free migration? All of us but this is only possible when we hand over all the tormenting task of packing, loading, transporting and unloading to the professionals. This will not make sure that all your stuff reaches safely to your house but it will also make the heavy task of shifting much more relaxing for you.

So next time whenever relocating just take help of the packers and movers.