How to Pack and Ship Your Art and Sculpture Items While Moving
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How to Pack and Ship Your Art and Sculpture Items While Moving

As Mumbai is home to a lot of artists and many talented people migrate towards this city in search of opportunities. Coming to this city with your belonging and possessions can be very difficult. And the last thing you would want it is to see a scratch or disfigured when you unpack them at your new house. This is because of the tedious hours of hard work you have spent on these. The toil that you have put in your work means a lot to you and you might judge them as your valuable possessions. It makes obvious that you would want to make sure if your articles are safe while this moving process or not.

For this, you need to make sure that your pieces are handled by professional packers and movers who will ensure the safety of your goods.  Here are some ways that will safeguard your pieces while moving to a new place:

Hire Good Movers and Packers

Half of the trouble gets off your shoulders once you hire good and professional packers and movers. This is because movers and packers are efficient in their work and can handle your delicate stuff with utmost care. Movers and packers in Mumbai handle their responsibility and make sure your articles are safe while packing, moving and unpacking. So it becomes necessary to hire relocation experts as people like us cannot carry out such tasks with efficiency like them.

Packaging Materials

Another major thing that will make sure that your art arrives safely to your new place is the way you pack them and the material you use when you pack them. The quality of material you use is very important and is a factor that tells a lot about the safety of your good inside the box. You should use shockproof and waterproof packaging when you are relocating such delicate stuff.


The time when you move your stuff also plays a major role while you move. If you are moving to monsoons you would need waterproof packaging and a moving vehicle with the closed rooftop. This will avoid water to seep into your boxes and which might be the reason for damage to your pieces. So be sure the weather you are moving should be moderate and dry so that your stuff is unaffected by such conditions. So it is wise to opt for a time when you expect the least rain.

How Technology Has Changed the Relocation Industry?
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How Technology Has Changed the Relocation Industry?

The relocation industry has been into existence for over 60 years. During these 6decades, the industry of packers and movers has evolved greatly and positively. During the initial years, the job was limited to just real estate providers, but, now, the entire scenario has changed. The technological aspect that has been added to the moving world has completely changed the structure for good. 

In the late 20th century, most of the relocations were based on career enhancement perspectives. The owners of companies would send their employees to some another branch or company where they were demanded. This transfer was completed with a handshake and a meager cheque which suffice no relocation requirement. This led to the beginning of the revolutionary movers and packers industry in which a handful of people began providing shifting services to others. However, the resources were scanty and the services were not secure. But, with the advancement in technology, the packers and movers gained immensely. Now, a major part of the manual input is removed and machinery is used to lessen the burden and speed up the job. The task is made more accessible, more convenient, and safer. The stress is reduced and the workforce gets a better environment to work. Moreover, the internet, laptops, and Smartphone have made it easier to reach out to good moving companies in the city. 

For an instance, the packers and movers in Lucknow can be found on the online directories of moving companies; hence, the unnecessary expenditure of money, time and efforts are saved. Also, tracking of the goods has also become more convenient with the availability of maps and Trackers. If you are moving to Lucknow, you can track down your belongings that are moved by the movers and packers Lucknow very easily. 

There are certain apps and facilities that are used solely by the moving companies to make their jobs easier. Some of them are: 

  • Apps for scheduling and expense input. 
  • APIs for purchases and rents of houses.
  • Hyperlocal data
  • The tools are estimated with the customer’s relocation portal
  • Relocation Management Software 

These services have brought extremely beneficial changes and have upgraded the moving industry.

Tips on Relocating House Furniture Without Damage
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Tips on Relocating House Furniture Without Damage

Either you have expert help or carry your move all alone; you need to pay full attention to the safety of your goods. One thing that can easily by damage is furniture. Furniture is heavy and bulky which makes it difficult to lift and move. You would not want your pieces to get damaged while they are getting moved to your new house. If you are careless your pieces might get scratches, sofas can get ripped and delicate glass items can break. So if you have packers and movers this might not be a difficult thing for you but if you are doing it alone you need to learn how you can protect your furniture.

Be Prepared

You cannot execute your move barehanded; you need to be equipped with all the tools that will help you. Also, you need packaging material that will ensure the safety of your furniture. So reach out a nearby store for all the below-listed items.

Bubble Wrap, sofa and mattress covers, plastic stretch wrap, sealable plastic bags, and corrugated cardboard sheets. All these items can be easily available if you hire movers and packers. Packers and movers services include this as well.

These items will share out the shock waves uniformly making sure heavy pressure is not experienced at a particular point which can harm your belongings.

Dismantle your Furniture

You should take your furniture in pieces as they are hefty. Bringing it down to smaller pieces will help you manage them while you lift and move them. This will also ensure the safety of your furniture as smaller pieces will not rub against your walls which can cause scratches. Also, it will be easier for you to keep them in the transporting truck. If you hire packers and movers, they will be able to ease up things as they are skilled. Here are some tips that will help you dismantle your furniture.

  • Always utilize an owner’s manual, if obtainable, to settle on how to take apart your furniture properly.
  • You can use masking tape and a marker to note down where each piece of the furniture goes. This will help you when you unpack your goods at your new address and have to reassemble them.

Moving to a new place can be an easy process if you are attentive and have a plan. It is advised that you employ a group of packers and movers in Hyderabad so that you are stress-free and your move is executed perfectly.

Factors People Must Pay Attention When It Comes to Pet Relocation
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Factors People Must Pay Attention When It Comes to Pet Relocation

Moving is hectic for everyone. We are the ones who elect, plan and perform the move and yet we feel restless. Can you imagine if we are so traumatized then what goes through the minds of our poor pets who have absolutely no real idea of what is going on around them? All the extraordinary activities such as the arrival of many strange people such as packers and movers in the house who do weird things such as packing the couches and beds? The unusual activities and an unaccustomed surrounding around the pets make them feel traumatic. So, the question that arises is that how can you take care of your pet in such situation Well, for starters, there is no set recipe for this purpose; separate measures are needed to be taken for different types of pets. The good news is that the packers and movers Aurangabad include pet relocation facility in their house relocation service packages as well.

Although the movers and packers can help you move them you have to make sure that they are emotionally stable all through the process. The following tips can help you:

Keep Your Pet Away from The Scene of Action: Taking this step is not just helpful for you but also for the pet. The stress level is increased when an animal is in a very noisy and crowded place. When the movers and packers are around packing your stuff, keep your pet in a different room or send it to your friend or relative if that is possible. If you have a dog, you can keep it in the kennel but make sure that your pet is in a comfortable temperature and has food and water accessible to it.

Pat Your Pet: Your pet will be very confused these days. It can become aggressive on seeing its favorite mat or couch being closed in boxes. Hence, be certain that it is loved enough to realize that whatever is happening around is not wrong and scary. Take out a minute or two from your busy schedule to pat your pet and rub its back.

Contact Your Veterinary Doctor: This is especially important if you are changing cities or states. When the journey is too long, you have to be sure that your pet animal can handle it. Take it to the vet, get it checked up and update its medical record. Also, keep certain medicines, such as drugs for fever, loose motions, etc. handy for an emergency.

Prepare A Handy Kit: Keep certain things in a bag which can be easily accessible to you during the journey. You have to keep your pet’s food, toys, and its grooming tools handy, so that your pet is comfortable not just during the traveling time but also in your new home until the entire unpacking is done.

Keep Your Pet with You If It’s Possible: although the packers and movers offer pet shifting, if you can manage your pet in your own vehicle, it will be great. Your pet needs your company and it will not feel comfortable enough in the company of strangers. Therefore, try to manage some space for your pet. However, if carrying your pet with you is not an option, have faith in the movers and packers. Your pet animal will be moved safely and comfortably to your new house.

If you follow these tips, the shifting experience will be as wonderful for your pet as it will be for you.

PMDIR - Hire Packers and Movers for Safe and Easy Relocation
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PMDIR - Hire Packers and Movers for Safe and Easy Relocation

PMDIR is a packers and movers website, it provides movers and packers services for home shifting, office shifting and relocating at the best price. PMDIR will assist you to select your moving company without any delay or doubt. No more unwanted calls from several movers and packers companies asking the same questions and giving you unrealistic quotes. The website offers you only a selected list of carefully chosen relocation companies according to your specific needs.

PMDIR is a transparent, fast, and secure platform. All the packers and movers are registered after passing through a screening process, in our packers and movers directory. All the listed packers and movers are professionals with years of experience and are capable to offer all guidance during office/house moving activity. People who are willing to shift their corporate office or residence, intercity or intra-city are assured to avail relocation services without any fuss.

Planning to shift? If yes, then you must be under a lot of stress and tension during these days. In times of overload of work and pressure, even easy things start to look tough and here come the relocation service providers that help you in your shifting. There are various services that are provided by PMDIR which include-

  • Local movers: Under this service, PMDIR provides you with the best packers and movers in your area to move within the city.
  • Long distance movers: This service is provided when you have to make a bigger shift from one city to other or one town to other.
  • Commercial movers: Office relocation or relocation of heavy machines are included in commercial shifting. PMDIR provides the most suitable packers and movers for commercial shifting.
  • Home shifting: Home shifting can be really breath-taking as it involves shifting of all heavy furniture and all those expensive and delicate electronics belongs and therefore you need a reliable relocation company to whom you can hand over your home appliances. Well PMDIR will suggest the best packers and movers for you under this situation.

PMDIR provides its services everywhere all you need to do is just insert the correct information and the leave the task of finding the best packers and movers here. For instance, if you are in Mumbai then all you need to do is type packers and movers in Mumbai and then the website will let in front of you a whole plethora of the best movers in Mumbai. If relocation is a treasure, then PMDIR is the easiest way to hunt that treasure.