How Technology is Transforming the Relocation Industry?
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How Technology is Transforming the Relocation Industry?

Technology, in the desire to enhance one’s status quo, has reached unimaginable heights. Our lives have become simple, quicker, and smoother. Our productivity and efficiency have increased and cutting-edge technology has improved the customer-business relationships.

Considering the benefits and utility of technology, it does not come as a surprise that the relocation industry has embraced it completely too. After all, technology has given low-cost, reliable, and quick relocation solutions to people all over the world.

Relocating from one place to another is a daunting job. For clients, it is a problem because it is hectic, costly, and tedious. But if they hire a reliable packer and movers relocation service provider, the load is reduced to 1 or 2%. All the major tasks are done by the movers and packers.

Now coming to the packers and movers, they must have qualities like sufficient manpower and other resources, proper knowledge, skilled management, smooth functioning, integrated crew and protection policies among many other things.

India, being a cost-sensitive country demands low priced relocation services. However, often clients fall in the traps of shady companies who have no liability for all the damage they cause to the logistics. Thus, people have to invest a lot to get a proper and safe relocation service.

Nevertheless, technology has solved most of the problems as now; relocation has become more organized, more transparent, and more advanced. All of this leads to healthier customer experience.

Technology has the following uses in the relocation industry:

  • Instant Quotations: With the advancement in technology, customers can now get quick quotations without going out of their homes. Just visit the websites, talk with the customer care unit or fill up the form and wait. The movers and packers directory will give you quotations from not just one but several companies.
  • Digital Catalogue: A digital catalog allows the customers to get a clearer idea of the relocation service provider’s services, facilities, cost, and other details. Thus, they can choose their service provider with better clarity.
  • Better and Quicker Packaging: Instead of manual packaging, there are many companies which offer smart packaging solutions. Moreover, now we have improved and safer packaging supplies too.
  • Live Tracking: Now, you can track your goods when they are in transit. Get immediate location and keep a check on the entire movement. Tracking your order reduces the chances of any mishap like theft and loss.
  • Mobile Apps: Mobile apps Like PMDIR have made relocation so much easier. With options like the live tracker on the app, you can get to know about the safe arrival of your goods.

What Challenges You Could Face Without Packers and Movers While Shifting?
  Admin   26 Apr, 2019

What Challenges You Could Face Without Packers and Movers While Shifting?

We all have heard how important it is to have packers and movers by our side while moving from one place to another. We have read several articles about the benefits of hiring them. We know how to find them at discounted prices (Yes, I am indicating towards PMDIR). But do we know what can happen if we do not hire them? Let’s see a scenario in which the movers and packers are absent. 

Scene 1: I have to move with my family from Hyderabad and I have decided against hiring packers and movers in Hyderabad because I feel that I will be able to handle the job on my own. After all, I have two children who are old enough to pack their belongings and a wife who will help me. I have 7 days to pack everything and the movement will take place on the 7th day. 

Scene 2: It’s the second day today and we still don’t know where to begin with. My children cannot pack their books properly in one box. The boxes have charged a lot and a major portion of my budget was spent in just buying the packing supplies. I had to spend an entire day to find out the right packing goods for each product and yet I think I have not got the exact material. Furthermore, I feel that even these supplies are not enough as a lot of boxes were broken and torn while packing. 

Scene 3: There is a little progress as some of the things were packed by the end of the day. I had to do a lot of important work such as clearing my bills with home services like newspaper delivery, milk delivery, etc. I had to get my address changed in the bank accounts and in the gas agency. I had to apply for a change of address in the AdharCard too. However, I couldn’t do anything because my entire day was spent packing. 

Scene 4: It’s been five days today and even now the packing is not over. I had to hire unskilled workers to help pack the heavy objects such as the furniture, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. The electricians came late so the AC and other such objects that were supposed to be packed after being uninstalled could not be packed today. I will have to hire those workers tomorrow again. I have already paid more than my budget allowed and I am tensed and stressed out. Also, did I tell you that I could not get my bills and dues cleared even today?

Scene 5: Today is the last day in our previous home. I cannot sit and enjoy the last moments here because a lot of work is pending, I have an overload of duties, and everyone is worried, frustrated and tired. I have hired a rental truck and some workers to help me load the goods and move them to the new place. I will not get time to change my address and clear dues today so I will have to return to this city again after the relocation. 

Scene 6: It is the day of moving. One of the legs of my very precious antique table was broken while loading it on the truck. My washing machine got a huge dent and I forgot to label the boxes so I don’t know what is kept in which box. I have no way to track the truck. The only way to stay connected is if I travel with it on my vehicle. 

You will not like the rest of the story. The person in this scene lost track of the truck and it came 4 hours later than the scheduled time. It rained on the way and some of the boxes were not waterproof so many items were spoilt. The person could not get any recovery for the loss of his table and damage caused to the washing machine. 

However, things would have been different had there been a packers and movers company present in the scene. The man could have got enough time to clear his bills and get his address changed everywhere. He could have saved a lot of time and efforts. The family could have spent the last day happily and experience it comfortably. The man would have to exceed his budget. Movers and packers save a lot of money. If you hire them from PMDIR, you will just have to pay them once, when you finalize the deal. The trucks offered by the packers and movers in Hyderabad can be tracked all the time and there is rarely any delay at all. 

So, we see what happens when the packers and movers are absent and why they are so important!

How to Negotiate with Moving Relocation Experts
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How to Negotiate with Moving Relocation Experts

Relocation services ease up a lot of your stress while shifting and therefore many people have now started hiring packers and movers while making a shift. Now almost 79% of people seek help from movers and packers for relocating from one place to another. The major reason behind seeking help from relocation services is that they are a total value for money and will reduce 80% of your headache and then there you will be experiencing a swift and easy relocation. The Packers and movers companies are quite affordable it only occurs sometimes when you need to negotiate with them but mostly when along with home shifting you have vehicles and other things to shift that will cost you some bucks definitely.

For a cost-effective home shift, you should explore every possible option before finalizing a company. To negotiate with them there are some certain tricks and tips which one need to understand in order to be successful.

Here are a few negotiations tips-

Add in and cut out according to your convenience - Once you are informed about all about their services then you can always cut out on some things say, unpacking or warehousing according to your need in this manner you only have to pay for the services you avail. You can switch this service with some other service of your choice or you may ask them to cut on the final cost in return.

Everything should be pre-planned -It is an apparent fact that if you will hire relocation companies at the last moment then they will definitely charge extra from you, therefore, in order to avoid these extra charges you must pre-organize everything beforehand. Try to seal the deal with some professional at least 4-5 months before shifting.

Avail discounts and coupons and other references -In this time of e-commerce where various companies are providing extra perks to their customers in order to deal and survive the tight competitions among themselves and the other. You may find on the internet, several coupon codes referrals and other things that will provide you discounts. Sometimes, online directories also offer some discount if you book the respective relocation company through them.

Packers and movers services reduce your work by providing maximum help in the task of relocating. From packing to unloading, almost all the task is done by relocation experts. Movers and packers are the best way to reduce the stress of relocating. Most of the cities are now offering the relocation services there are packers and movers in Bengaluru, Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Gurugram, etc.

Why opt Packers and Movers Service for House Relocation?
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Why opt Packers and Movers Service for House Relocation?

Shifting from your old house to the other in the same city or moving to another can be a Herculean task. While earlier most of us had to depend on ourselves to make sure that everything is packed and moved with full safety, the services of packers and movers have come to rescue to make sure a swift relocation.

Movers and packers are relocation service providers that pack and move our goods including furniture, artifacts, suitcases, and furnishings, among others carefully. This assists to ease out the relocation procedure as these service providers become our one-stop solution for moving requirements.

Reasons why one should opt for packers and movers services while relocation from one house to another-

  • These relocation service providers provide you with the necessary services for resettlement and the best solutions for any difficulty which may be encountered during the whole shifting process. They perform all the hard work and they are committed to addressing every worry of their customers.
  • Hiring a relocation company would mean quick service delivered in the most organized and coordinated manner.
  • The Company uses the most recent technique in packing to make sure that your breakable and fragile belongings will not be compromised during the transit.
  • Most especially the fragile items will reach their new place in undamaged and top condition.
  • It becomes easier for a busy person to get all the belongings to move hassle-free.
  • It is obvious that not everyone is a professional in packing so damage can be a possibility and therefore seeking help from vendors is always a better option for packing, moving and if needed unpacking.
  • Professionals aids to transport heavy items, it saves you a lot of time and labor.
  • Packers and movers also help in organizing the items so it gets easier for the customer.
  • With the maximum assistance of relocation service providers, you can conveniently complete your legal work like selecting or transferring bank account, finding out for your kid's school, etc.

Transportation Insurance protects you from any sort of calamity and when you seek help from a moving company to pack and move your belongings, they provide insurance coverage for any sort of damage during transit. That’s another advantage of using packers and movers service.

But before hiring a moving company you need to keep in mind that in order to save your money don’t always have to select the cheaper companies or else just for saving few bucks you might have to undergo the loss of your expensive items.

Try to hire moving companies from credible online sources. It is very convenient to look for packers and movers online all you have to do is type the name of the city/place from where you need to hire them. For instance, if you are in search of packers and movers in Aurangabad,visit PMDIR and you will get a long list of relocation companies.

Keep Your Move Full of Fun
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Keep Your Move Full of Fun

Moving from one place to another can only be described as tiring and hectic. But that is what you may think until you read this. Yes, there are ways that can not only make your move less tiring but also fun and exciting. Moving need not to be as hectic as one might imagine and you can always modify things according to your convenience and make things easier and fun.  Here are some of the ways that will help you plan your next move and also make it fun. 

Involve Your Kids: The most exciting way you can make your move fun is by involving your kids to help you in the moving process. You can ask them what they would like to do or assign them some easy tasks that won’t harm anyone and will make your work easy. The entire family can do these tasks together and spend some quality time with each other which might not be possible otherwise as you would not be able to get out time from your busy schedule. 

Hire Good Packers and Movers: You can a little fun when you are not stressed about the plethora of work that still needs to be done. But you can take some time out when you have some help around on whom you can trust and they will be able to carry out the steps even in your absence. Thus, you need to hire some good movers and packers in Mumbai. They will help you in the best possible way and assist to make your move easier and simpler. Packers and movers Mumbai are experts and they know how to carry out all the tasks efficiently. This will make sure that you are not stressed out and can manage your relocation in a fun way.

Decorating the New House: Getting to a new house can be overwhelming you may miss your old one and mostly your children might be in a gloomy state. So, to be sure that your after- move is not depressing you can decorate your new house. You can adorn your house just the way your old house was to give you an illusion that you are still there. Or you can experiment and give your new house a completely new look. This totally depends on you and how you want your new home to look like. This way you can make sure that your move ends in a fun way as well. 

The above tips and tricks will help you a lot in planning your upcoming move and also make it fun. Not only this, but you also need perfect movers and packers as this will majorly decide your relocation experience. So to make your move fun, be sure your packers and movers in Mumbai trustworthy and experienced.  

Damage Free Packing of Goods
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Damage Free Packing of Goods

Moving is directly related to packing. And this makes it the most important thing that needs to be done when you are relocating.   This is because the proper packing of your goods makes sure that they are safe and secure. For the safety of your products, you will need to carry out certain things while packing your stuff. Let us know what steps can be taken for a little extra safety.

Packing Tools

You might think that who would not use packing tools for packing their goods. But it depends on the quality of tools and supplies that you are using for packaging. Each and every supply needs to be high quality and this will ensure that your products are safe inside. There are different kinds of supplies that prevent your stuff from particular damages. The most common damages can occur from bumps and jerks which can cause dents and scratches. So you need to buy a different kind of packing supplies like:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Sofa and mattress covers
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets

While the bubble wrap will prevent any kind of jerks, the plastic bags will make sure that water does not seep into the products and ruining them. You can also get shock-observing packaging that will help a lot in the relocation process. Make sure that your packers and movers Chennai provide you this service. The top packers and movers companies provide such services.

Transportation Vehicle

Another major aspect of relocation is the kind of transportation vehicle you are using. Of your stuff can be damaged by water, make sure that you hire a vehicle that is covered to prevent rain from coming inside. Not only this, but the covered vehicle will also keep your stuff away from any kind of dust and dirt. Also, the size of the vehicle plays a major role. Do not spend a lot of money on a big truck when you don’t have a lot of stuff. This will create a lot of space for your stuff and boxes may move or fall while in transit. A vehicle too small will require you to calculate a lot when it comes to finding space. Thus it is advised that one should always get a vehicle that neither too large nor too small depending on your amount of objects.

Planning New House

You can complete your relocation properly when you are at your new house. So better plan it first. Once you have decided which object goes where your work becomes a lot easier. It will also be easy to direct the movers and packers and tell them how and where to put a particular thing.

If you follow all the above steps you will be able to accomplish your relocation without damaging your goods. Also, when you are finding your movers and packer Chennai you need to be sure that they are genuine and trustworthy. Ask your friends and family about it and go through their website to know more about the company. A nice group of packers and movers will make sure that your goods are safe and secure.