Items that should not be Packed While You Relocate
  Admin   17 Oct, 2017

Items that should not be Packed While You Relocate

Moving to a new house and packing your entire house in a box is a grueling task. The idea of moving your entire space to another location is dreadful and you might think that how is it possible. But you need to carry out such steps and also keep in mind some things. All you think at this time is the things that have to be moved and in the opposite direction.

There is a list of things that are not advised to be packed in order to be moved but if necessary you can move such things by other means or carry them with yourself separately. This will also make sure that your goods are safe. So let us find out which things should not be packed in boxes while you relocate to your new house.


Goods that can become obsolete quickly top the list. This is certainly because movers and packers in New Delhi might take few days to reach your new location and it is possible that your goods are ruined before they get to the desired place. So it is better that you don’t pack any perishable stuff like food, vegetables or fruits. If you want to keep yourself full you can take up some of them with you.

Flammable, hazardous, corrosive, or explosive items

The next thing won’t get damaged itself but might damage all of the goods that you have packed with it. These are all kind of flammable or explosive items. Even little things that you might think as safe can be covered in this category. These can be bottles of perfume or alcohol. As these things are explosive, it is advised that they should be not packed up and moved to your new house. Plus these things are also expensive thus it will be safe to carry it with yourself.


Another obvious not to pack item is the plants that might be very dear to you. But this does not mean that you can pack them up and let them die inside a suffocating box for days. As we all know plants need sunshine, water and a lot of care to bloom, it will be cruel to pack them in dark boxes. We understand that you love your plants and would want to take them with you. And you can do that if you are moving in the city but it won’t be a good idea to take them outside the city and rather donate them to someone who will take good care of them.

Personal and irreplaceable items

Next thing that comes up is the document that can never be replaced and play a very important part in your life. These are your birth certificates, mark sheets and other official stuff that you require at all stages of life. If you pack them in boxes and send them away with packers movers New Delhi, there is no guarantee that you will see this stuff again. As some movers and packers New Delhi also provide insurance for your lost or damaged stuff, they will not be able to compensate for the loss you will face in the future because of the lack of documents.

So follow up the above things and most importantly find nice packers and movers as the movers and packers will decide your relocation experience.