How to Organize my Relocation?
  Admin   14 Dec, 2017

How to Organize my Relocation?

During relocation, moving the household goods and belongings is just like moving mountains. No wonder the event causes chaos and irritation in the house! However, if you make a moving checklist and organize your work accordingly, you can do great during this hard time. You can prepare a checklist based on the time left for your shifting. To help you with the moving, we have made a relevant moving list for you.

One month before moving-

Hire packers and movers: Do not rely on the rental truck services for relocation. Investigate packers and movers in Chandigarh and choose the right one for your shifting. Now instead of finding movers and packers on different websites, visit a movers and packers directory and get quotations for several moving companies, all together. You can compare the packers and movers charges and the quality and quantity of their services and select accordingly.

Begin sorting: Go through all the rooms and corners of your house or office and decide whether you want to take the specific thing to your new home or not. Get rid of the things you no longer need.

Three weeks before moving-

Clear school and bank records: Visit your banks and children’s school and get the address changed in the documents. Ask the school to prepare the transfer certificate of your children too.

Consume certain things: Things that can be utilized before moving such as food supplies, etc. should be consumed. Go through your kitchen and try to finish up the things that you can’t take in your new house. If the quantity is too much, you can share it with your neighbors.

Two weeks before moving-

Separate valuable items: The packers and movers will pack your goods but before that, you should keep your valuable items such as jewelry, policy papers, etc. aside.

Notify parties: Clear your dues with the newspaper subscription, gas supply, utility companies etc. and inform your friends and relatives about the final date of your move.

One week before moving-

Organize your medical supplies: Prepare a first aid box for an emergency during relocation.

Finish packing: You will like to carry a small suitcase with the basic supplies during your journey. Pack your bags and be ready.