Career Opportunities in Pune
  Admin   12 Jan, 2018

Career Opportunities in Pune

Situated in the western state of Maharashtra, at a height of approximately 559 m above sea level, Pune is the eighth largest city in India and one of its most significant IT hubs. It is recognized by a lot of sobriquets – some popular of these being ‘Oxford of the East’ because of the high focus on educational institutes in the city. The city takes pride in having some of the finest institutes in India, a collection from management schools to medical colleges. Pune is also recognized as ‘Detroit of India’ because of the huge number of automobile manufacturers in Pune.

The city is also acknowledged for its variety of cultural activities and job opportunities that catch the attention of students from all over India and out of the country making the city a blend of multiple cultures and communities. It is one of those extraordinary cities with a mirror image: that of a tradition-bound place commonly considered the quintessence of Maharashtra’s background and that of a modern industrialized metropolitan area.

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