Helpful Tips to Make Packing Easier for Relocation
  Admin   17 Jan, 2018

Helpful Tips to Make Packing Easier for Relocation

When you're moving, getting prepared with boxes is an essential step. Every time we move I feel under pressure, a little restless and definitely ill-equipped. Moving is difficult and with so many responsibilities to execute, it's hard to know where you should commence. To assist you, we came up with this simple guide to facilitate you through the initial steps in moving your house which typically begins with how to sort out the packing and categorizing of all the bits and pieces. Nearly everyone fears moving. Packing, organizing, transporting, trying to bribe your friends to help out — the entire process can seem overwhelming, but if you make use of these tips and tricks, moving day might be a lot less traumatic. The ideal way to make your relocation easier is to employ packers and movers in Mumbai. This will take off the entire load and you the only thing you need to do is direct the packers and movers company staff.

Less is better

You are going through each and everything you own and categorizing them to get a nice relocation experience. Now that you’re sorting through all your things, it’s a wonderful time to observe what can be donated or tossed altogether! Make an attempt to trim down your possessions so your move will be a bit easier and your new home will be a little less jumbled up. This will help you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff lying around and will clear some space in your new home as well.

Pack a 'first-day' box

Obviously, you have appointed packers and movers but who knows when they will get your stuff to your destination. You will have to wait a few days for all your belongings to arrive, till then don’t forget to carry the most important stuff that will help you function on your first day in your new house. Most people don’t think this is important and wind up searching through several boxes on moving day to get their nightclothes or the coffee maker. Pack yourself a “first-day” box with all your toiletries, a few clothes, and anything you’ll require the subsequent morning such as dishes and silverware or even your hair-dryer to help you get ready for your office.

Keep Fragile Pieces Safe

You don’t want to unpack to broken pieces of your favorite chinaware. You need to take immense care when it comes to crockery as they are really delicate. Foam disposable plates are amazing for packing your fragile plates; since they’re already plate-shaped they will fit perfectly. Put them in between everyone peace in your pile before you pack it all up. After the exhausting day of unpacking all of the stuff, you can use those plates to munch on the ready-to-eat food.

Use Padding to Avoid Shocks (With the stuff you already own)

You don’t require as much wrapping material as you think you would! All sorts of soft items around your home can be used to securely and professionally pack other items as well. Towels, socks, sheets, and other soft or cushy stuff double up as free packing material. This is environmentally friendly and will be used in future as well, what more do you need?

Label you Boxes

Black and white labels are hard to differentiate when you want to start unpacking at a speedy pace and you need everything to be smooth. You can use colorful labels in its place — you can handwrite them, or simply print some of them out — and work out a color-coding system for your boxes to simply keep track of what stuff is filled where. This will also result in easier locating for your movers and packers service.

Pack Your Liquids Separately

Cleaning supplies, dishwashing supplies, or any other liquids, whatever it is, you should put it in a separate plastic bin if you don’t want any mess in future. If anything spills during the move and you’ve packed it in another box, it’ll soak up everything. This is not something you would want.