Types of Boxes used for Relocation
  Admin   13 Apr, 2018

Types of Boxes used for Relocation

As the final day of shifting draws nearer, the tension increases. Even if you have hired the finest movers and packers of the city you will feel worried and nervous. Apparently, such emotions are quite obvious and genuine. The fear of stepping into an alien city and of losing all the loved ones behind makes shifting even more dreadful. Moreover, you are concerned about the safety of your goods and luggage. You may see the packers and movers packing up your goods in various boxes of different shapes and sizes. In today’s blog, we will discuss the various types of boxes used for packing during relocation. The article will help you find the best kinds of boxes for your good if the need occurs.

Corrugated Carton for the Kitchen items -The objects which are breakable is kept in such boxes. They are sturdy corrugated cartons. They have a double-wall construction that keeps all the china dishes, crystal, and glass items safe. You can always divide the cartons into cells for extra protection.

Medium Box for heavy goods -Books, cassettes, frames, and other such objects can be kept in such boxes. They can be carried easily. These cartons hold 1.75 cubic feet of the goods.

Large Box for miscellaneous Items -Generally, all the medium sized fragile items such as cans, jars, pans, toys, utensils, and small appliances are placed in such cartons. These utility boxes hold 3.5 cubic feet of the goods.

Extra Large Box for bulky goods -Such boxes are used to store bulky items like bed sheets, covers, lamps, towels, blankets, etc. The cartons hold 4.9 cubic feet of the goods.

Wardrobe Box for Closets and Cupboards -These boxes are huge in size. They are equipped with hanger bars to accommodate the clothes. With the help of such boxes, you can directly transfer your clothes without the need for folding or arranging them.

Picture boxes -If you have large portraits, posters, photo frames, and artworks at your home or office, you should use picture boxes. They are telescoping and can fit any mirror or frame in them. The delicate and exquisite items can be transported to long distances very safely in these boxes.

Packing is one of the biggest headaches during relocation and it cannot be avoided. Rooms over flooded with big and small items, knick-knacks, huge pieces of furniture and other appliance are great challenges in themselves. Packing up of the goods in the right boxes and packets is very important. The precious items are carefully packed by the movers and packers so that they can be moved safely and also to make it easier for you to find your goods. The packers and movers in Kochi are efficient enough to move them safely to the new place. However, little knowledge is never bad. When you know about the right kinds of boxes you can help the movers and packers and also become capable of identifying if you are being misguided.