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Moving Myths One Should Be Aware Of?
     02 Jul, 2018

Moving Myths One Should Be Aware Of?

Planning to shift? If yes, then you must be under a lot of stress and tension during these days. In times of overload of work and pressure, even easy things start to look tough and problems which are not even really seem complicated. In fact, there are many hoaxes associated with relocation which make our journey even more challenging and nerve-wracking. This is why it is important to have sufficient knowledge and true information about each and every aspect related to moving. You will be surprised to know that the greater part of the problems is just dust and myths. Moreover, when you have the Packers and Movers in Mumbai, your worries are already reduced to a minimum. With the help of professional relocation service providers, you can guarantee a wonderful shifting experience which is just sweet and swift.

However, even with the movers and packers by your side, you need to be alert and avoid believing in the following myths:

1. Packers and movers mean more expenses

FACT: Unless you have most of the things required for relocation already with you, packing on your own can never be cheaper than hiring packers and movers. Packing and moving require appropriate packaging supplies and safe transportation. Taking charge in your own hands will never provide that level of safety. Secondly, it will just complicate the entire process further. To avoid such issues, it is advised to book the finest movers and packers in the city. You will be provided with a specific cost and that will be the only time you have to spend money.

2. You can relocate using your own car

FACT:  First question- HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR SOFA SET FITTING IN YOUR CAR? Now, if you play a trick and hire a small truck for your furniture and decide to take the smaller items in your vehicle, imagine the expenditure! Furthermore, you will have to take n number of rounds because by no chance will all the things fit in one go.

3. Slow relocation is better

FACT: If you think that instead of moving everything at once, you can move things slowly in a week’s time or so, then you are definitely wrong. This trick can somehow work if the distance is short but for long-distance shifting, this is not even an option.

4. Unpacking is easy-peasy

FACT: This is the craziest myth people believe in. Most of them think that packing is the toughest challenge and what’s left after relocation can be done in a flash. NO! Unpacking is as tough a job as packing. Careless and unorganized unpacking can cause havoc in your new house or office. You need to be very particular about the boxes you open and make sure that the more important ones are opened first and then the less important ones. Furthermore, handling the crockery boxes with care is mandatory. Reinstalling the electronic appliances in your new place is another challenge. It is best that you let the packers and movers help you with the unpacking as well.

If you be careful and wise, you can avoid any mishap during shifting. Just believe in the moving company your hire and complete your duties on time.