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Home Relocation Before and After
     19 Jul, 2018

Home Relocation Before and After

Home relocation is a very tricky task to do. It requires a lot more than just your money. Your hard work, time, concentration, and care in abundance are demanded by this process in order to make it successful. All of us want to have a fine and jolly moving experience and for that, we are ready to go to any extent in terms of efforts and money. Yet, we fail in achieving our desired goal and waste a lot of what we put in. Do you know why?

Well, earlier people used to believe that only if you can invest a lot of money can you ensure a successful relocation. However, it is not true today at all. Now, you have to invest a small amount in the best packers and movers in Mumbai and you are good to go. These packers and movers companies specialize in handling the D-day tasks such as packing and loading; therefore, you can totally depend on them for this purpose.

Now that you have hired movers and packers for your final day jobs, let us focus on what things are to be done before and after relocating. These are the times which drain most of our money and hard work if not been taken care of properly. There are certain tasks that you need to do before you leave your previous home. If you manage to take out time for each and everything wisely, you will experience no difficulties in future. Let us find out our duties before relocation:

  • Bill clearance: You will definitely not like if your newspaper service calls you at your new house demanding the money of the previous bills, or the broadband guys calling you again and again for a renewal of package. It is best if you take out a day just to clear all the bills and dues of every service you avail in this house.
  • Change your address: Imagine going to your previous house every month to collect letters, applications, bank statements, etc. couriered to you in that home. Also, your address in the bank passbook also serves as an address identity proof in every government and non- government works. Hence, it is mandatory for you to change your address everywhere. You can apply for the change of address in your adhar card, driving license, and elsewhere too.

Now let’s understand what thing must be done after relocation as well:

  • Get all services functional: The main task for you after relocation must be to get a TV connection, broadband connection, newspaper service, etc. Electricity and water should be taken care of before moving into the house.
  • Proper unpacking: You must unpack your items wisely. One room at a time should be the rule that you must follow. Unpack the essential items first and the not- so- important once later.

Now there is one rule that must be followed both before and after shifting:

  • Change locks: Now this step is important before relocation if you are not selling your house and it remains your personal property. You cannot go to another city to check for the safety of your house every time. Although you have all the keys to your locks still it is best if you change them before leaving the house.
  • Now when you enter a new house after relocation, this rule is applied here again. If you have got your own house constructed then it is a different scenario, but if you are moving to a rented house or a new apartment, you would want to change the locks for security reasons.