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Moving House during Monsoon Made Easy
     30 Jul, 2018

Moving House during Monsoon Made Easy

Your relocation is finalized. You have prepared yourself mentally and emotionally for it and now you are all set to perform all the routine steps related to relocation. But then you realize that it is the monsoon period of the year. The weather forecast on your smartphone indicates thunderstorm and heavy rainfall on the day on your relocation. What to do now? You are left with two or three options-

  • Postpone your relocation to another day.
  • Prepare yourself according to the weather and go according to the plan.
  • Wait till the monsoon ends and then relocate.

Let’s think over our options. The first option seems practical but a day won’t make any difference if your rainy season is on. Each day is as unpredictable as the other. Now, if you plan on waiting for the monsoon to end, it’s quite late already. You must be relocating due to job or studies and in both the cases; you have a specific date of joining which you have to abide by.

Now let us focus on the second option. It is legit and truly practical. Delaying your relocation ain’t gonna help. Hence, we must work hard and smart and prepare ourselves to meet the great hurdles waiting for us on our way to our new home.

Follow the tips written below and buckle up-

Use professional help: Hiring packers and movers for relocation is the best decision for every season and time. However, during monsoon, it becomes even more important to let the movers and packers do the packing and moving for you. You need waterproof material for your goods. They need to be packed securely so that there is a way for the water to reach the items. Also, the transportation is needed to be done as quickly as possible. We all are aware of the condition of roads during the rainy season. Therefore, only a professional driver must be allowed to drive the vehicle. All these facilities will be provided to you if you take the help from the relocation service providers in your area. The packers and movers in Jaipur will help you every step.

Check the new house or office for leaks and water clogging: Before shifting, visit your new area of residence or workplace to ensure that the building is not leaking and the water is not clogging, especially in and around the ceilings of the rooms. If anything is wrong, get it fixed before moving in.

Prepare your moving essentials kit: You may be going to your new house by car, bus, or train. Prepare a small bag with all the important items such as a first aid kit, and umbrella, dry snacks, water, and a set of clothes for each member. This will help you in times of difficulties such as delay, etc.

Make sure that everything is taken care of before leaving your old place: It will be very difficult for you to travel back and forth again and again during the monsoon. Therefore, be certain that you have done everything which was needed to be done and packed everything which was needed to be packed before leaving your house. The journey is already too long and it becomes longer and more stressful during rains. So, be prepared!