How to Pack and Ship Your Art and Sculpture Items While Moving
     27 Feb, 2019

How to Pack and Ship Your Art and Sculpture Items While Moving

As Mumbai is home to a lot of artists and many talented people migrate towards this city in search of opportunities. Coming to this city with your belonging and possessions can be very difficult. And the last thing you would want it is to see a scratch or disfigured when you unpack them at your new house. This is because of the tedious hours of hard work you have spent on these. The toil that you have put in your work means a lot to you and you might judge them as your valuable possessions. It makes obvious that you would want to make sure if your articles are safe while this moving process or not.

For this, you need to make sure that your pieces are handled by professional packers and movers who will ensure the safety of your goods.  Here are some ways that will safeguard your pieces while moving to a new place:

Hire Good Movers and Packers

Half of the trouble gets off your shoulders once you hire good and professional packers and movers. This is because movers and packers are efficient in their work and can handle your delicate stuff with utmost care. Movers and packers in Mumbai handle their responsibility and make sure your articles are safe while packing, moving and unpacking. So it becomes necessary to hire relocation experts as people like us cannot carry out such tasks with efficiency like them.

Packaging Materials

Another major thing that will make sure that your art arrives safely to your new place is the way you pack them and the material you use when you pack them. The quality of material you use is very important and is a factor that tells a lot about the safety of your good inside the box. You should use shockproof and waterproof packaging when you are relocating such delicate stuff.


The time when you move your stuff also plays a major role while you move. If you are moving to monsoons you would need waterproof packaging and a moving vehicle with the closed rooftop. This will avoid water to seep into your boxes and which might be the reason for damage to your pieces. So be sure the weather you are moving should be moderate and dry so that your stuff is unaffected by such conditions. So it is wise to opt for a time when you expect the least rain.