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What Challenges You Could Face Without Packers and Movers While Shifting?
     26 Apr, 2019

What Challenges You Could Face Without Packers and Movers While Shifting?

We all have heard how important it is to have packers and movers by our side while moving from one place to another. We have read several articles about the benefits of hiring them. We know how to find them at discounted prices (Yes, I am indicating towards PMDIR). But do we know what can happen if we do not hire them? Let’s see a scenario in which the movers and packers are absent. 

Scene 1: I have to move with my family from Hyderabad and I have decided against hiring packers and movers in Hyderabad because I feel that I will be able to handle the job on my own. After all, I have two children who are old enough to pack their belongings and a wife who will help me. I have 7 days to pack everything and the movement will take place on the 7th day. 

Scene 2: It’s the second day today and we still don’t know where to begin with. My children cannot pack their books properly in one box. The boxes have charged a lot and a major portion of my budget was spent in just buying the packing supplies. I had to spend an entire day to find out the right packing goods for each product and yet I think I have not got the exact material. Furthermore, I feel that even these supplies are not enough as a lot of boxes were broken and torn while packing. 

Scene 3: There is a little progress as some of the things were packed by the end of the day. I had to do a lot of important work such as clearing my bills with home services like newspaper delivery, milk delivery, etc. I had to get my address changed in the bank accounts and in the gas agency. I had to apply for a change of address in the AdharCard too. However, I couldn’t do anything because my entire day was spent packing. 

Scene 4: It’s been five days today and even now the packing is not over. I had to hire unskilled workers to help pack the heavy objects such as the furniture, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. The electricians came late so the AC and other such objects that were supposed to be packed after being uninstalled could not be packed today. I will have to hire those workers tomorrow again. I have already paid more than my budget allowed and I am tensed and stressed out. Also, did I tell you that I could not get my bills and dues cleared even today?

Scene 5: Today is the last day in our previous home. I cannot sit and enjoy the last moments here because a lot of work is pending, I have an overload of duties, and everyone is worried, frustrated and tired. I have hired a rental truck and some workers to help me load the goods and move them to the new place. I will not get time to change my address and clear dues today so I will have to return to this city again after the relocation. 

Scene 6: It is the day of moving. One of the legs of my very precious antique table was broken while loading it on the truck. My washing machine got a huge dent and I forgot to label the boxes so I don’t know what is kept in which box. I have no way to track the truck. The only way to stay connected is if I travel with it on my vehicle. 

You will not like the rest of the story. The person in this scene lost track of the truck and it came 4 hours later than the scheduled time. It rained on the way and some of the boxes were not waterproof so many items were spoilt. The person could not get any recovery for the loss of his table and damage caused to the washing machine. 

However, things would have been different had there been a packers and movers company present in the scene. The man could have got enough time to clear his bills and get his address changed everywhere. He could have saved a lot of time and efforts. The family could have spent the last day happily and experience it comfortably. The man would have to exceed his budget. Movers and packers save a lot of money. If you hire them from PMDIR, you will just have to pay them once, when you finalize the deal. The trucks offered by the packers and movers in Hyderabad can be tracked all the time and there is rarely any delay at all. 

So, we see what happens when the packers and movers are absent and why they are so important!