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How Technology is Transforming the Relocation Industry?
     30 Apr, 2019

How Technology is Transforming the Relocation Industry?

Technology, in the desire to enhance one’s status quo, has reached unimaginable heights. Our lives have become simple, quicker, and smoother. Our productivity and efficiency have increased and cutting-edge technology has improved the customer-business relationships.

Considering the benefits and utility of technology, it does not come as a surprise that the relocation industry has embraced it completely too. After all, technology has given low-cost, reliable, and quick relocation solutions to people all over the world.

Relocating from one place to another is a daunting job. For clients, it is a problem because it is hectic, costly, and tedious. But if they hire a reliable packer and movers relocation service provider, the load is reduced to 1 or 2%. All the major tasks are done by the movers and packers.

Now coming to the packers and movers, they must have qualities like sufficient manpower and other resources, proper knowledge, skilled management, smooth functioning, integrated crew and protection policies among many other things.

India, being a cost-sensitive country demands low priced relocation services. However, often clients fall in the traps of shady companies who have no liability for all the damage they cause to the logistics. Thus, people have to invest a lot to get a proper and safe relocation service.

Nevertheless, technology has solved most of the problems as now; relocation has become more organized, more transparent, and more advanced. All of this leads to healthier customer experience.

Technology has the following uses in the relocation industry:

  • Instant Quotations: With the advancement in technology, customers can now get quick quotations without going out of their homes. Just visit the websites, talk with the customer care unit or fill up the form and wait. The movers and packers directory will give you quotations from not just one but several companies.
  • Digital Catalogue: A digital catalog allows the customers to get a clearer idea of the relocation service provider’s services, facilities, cost, and other details. Thus, they can choose their service provider with better clarity.
  • Better and Quicker Packaging: Instead of manual packaging, there are many companies which offer smart packaging solutions. Moreover, now we have improved and safer packaging supplies too.
  • Live Tracking: Now, you can track your goods when they are in transit. Get immediate location and keep a check on the entire movement. Tracking your order reduces the chances of any mishap like theft and loss.
  • Mobile Apps: Mobile apps Like PMDIR have made relocation so much easier. With options like the live tracker on the app, you can get to know about the safe arrival of your goods.