Moving To Ahmedabad The City of Opportunities
  Admin   20 Mar, 2017

Moving To Ahmedabad The City of Opportunities

Ahmedabad has been able to build an image of a business-friendly city over the years and many national as well as foreign companies, attracted by the various franchises and concessions offered by the state government, have invested heavily in the state. Money attracts money and numerous development projects across the city have seen the rise in demand for skilled candidates and experienced professionals.

These events have changed the destiny of Ahmedabad. The city has grown exponentially in size and population over the last few years. Suburbs have merged into the city as the city limits have expanded to cover a larger area. A large number of professionals from all over India are taking jobs in Ahmedabad as the city offers better growth opportunities and a safe environment to live in. While the attraction of working in Metros still persists, cities less crowded and congested are now preferred by many people looking for a less hectic and tense lifestyle.

Last few years have seen a tremendous boost Ahmedabad's infrastructure. A large number of malls have been built all over the city housing numerous well-known Indian and foreign brands. The Bus Rapid Transit System has made transportation throughout the city hassle-free and has opened the option of commuting thought public transport to people who earlier relied on their personal vehicles.

The government ambitious riverfront project of salvaging land from the Sabarmati River will make the city more attractive and entertaining. All these projects have created a large number of jobs for marketing, engineering, and management professionals. The professionals quick to scent the opportunities offered by the city have come and taken jobs in Ahmedabad.

The city also offers good lifestyle opportunities. It is not as crowded or impersonal as the Metros, and it is not too small. The city is dream come true for foodies who can choose from among a vast number of restaurants, street food, and 5-star hotels. The city also boasts numerous multiplexes and cinemas; it has a lively cultural life with numerous music, dance and film festivals livening its nights. Many government and private hospitals and numerous schools make it a good place to lead a family life.

Realty, Infrastructure Development, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital Industry, Textiles, Finance, IT industry, and many other expanding industries have created many jobs in Ahmedabad and the companies are willing to pay good money for talented professionals. This, coupled with the fact that the city is less expensive than other big cities, makes the option of working in Ahmedabad viable for professionals from other cities.

Ahmedabad has been making news during the last few years as thousands of crores of rupees are poured into the state's economy, a substantial portion of them in and around the city. The financial success and growth of the city has seen a sharp rise in the number of professionals from other states, and even from metros, choosing to work and live in the city.

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