Noida- the city of job seekers
  Admin   22 May, 2017

Noida- the city of job seekers

Noida, short-form for the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, is a thoroughly designed Indian city. This well-planned city embraces better-quality infrastructure, Greater Noida also reflects the ever-growing socio-economic divides that such projects often give rise to the expansion of the city.

Greater Noida is the better-planned alternative to Delhi and including its immediate neighbors — a satellite city that did not develop inconsiderately. Over two decades since the initial drafts for the new city were drawn, the infrastructure, green spaces and parks, and tranquility remain its strong point. The expressway has reduced the travel time till a great deal, but the inadequate public transport is the main holdover for many who may want to relocate here. Greater Noida was meant to be a contemporary city of global standards. The industrialized town was destined to be the heart for large-scale, technology-driven, non-polluting, and eco-friendly units.

It is now becoming an ideal destination for companies presenting IT, BPO, BTO and KPO services in a variety of domains such as banking, economic services, insurance, pharmacy, automobile, dynamic consumer goods, and manufacturing.

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