Do not move with any hazardous items
  Admin   29 May, 2017

Do not move with any hazardous items

Due to security and regulatory necessities, restrictions exist for transporting risky materials by vehicle, which applies to inter-building and inter-campus moves for any sort of function. These things should be taken extreme care at the time of laboratory moves.  Packers and movers that are hired to move equipment and furniture should be licensed, skilled, or prepared to handle or move chemical.

This list not only includes hazardous elements such as ammunition and gasoline but also apparently harmless items like nail polish and kids’ chemistry sets. Though not harmful, the moving companies will also take in perishable food and personal or sentimental items which can be difficult for them later. A lot of these items can be given away to friends and family or donated to a needy. Unnecessary items will have to be disposed of accurately. Contact your city administration for where to dispose of these bits and pieces. Hazardous items are usually considered as explosive, combustible or acidic.

Specialized movers and packers in Pune don’t like to move these items because of the natural risk of loss or damage. Essentially, movers and packers companies want to bind their responsibility in case these items are misplaced or broken. As a customer, you probably want to have this stuff under your control.

Sensitive electronic items, such as laptops, might be damaged by the intense temperatures in a moving vehicle. Jewelry, cash, collections and personal video tapes or CDs could not be replaced if lost, so it is advised to take extra care for such things.

Safety Measures

For hazardous equipment moves, ensure that all containers for transfer are in good condition, with firm fitting lids. If a container does not have a cover or the lid cannot be protected, the substance must be repackaged earlier to the move. In addition, you may locate unsteady materials that will need particular estimation and removal by a contractor. Ask for a waste pickup for any materials that you will not be moving to your new site earlier to the day of the move.

Get sufficient packing materials (strong boxes, tape, cushioning bits and pieces) and, if moving to a place in the same or neighboring building have adequate sturdy carts, boxes or deep trays, etc. for secondary containment. It is strongly suggested that hazardous materials moves be planned on a different day as the common move for furniture and utensils. This reduces competition for harbor and freight elevators, as well as extreme traffic and crowding in the region of the move.