Job Opportunities and Openings in Lucknow
  Admin   30 May, 2017

Job Opportunities and Openings in Lucknow

Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Being so, it has certain privileges over the other cities in the state. The ever-developing and the 2nd happiest city in the country offer great job opportunities for freshers as well as experienced job seekers in all the sectors. In this blog, we have enlisted a number of career options in every field.

1. Information Technology: The IT sector is the fastest growing sector in the country. Every day, more and more IT companies are branching out or establishing their head offices in Lucknow. There are jobs for software and hardware engineers, web developers, and other IT associates. Earlier, the fresh-out-college-lot of Lucknow had to go to other cities like Delhi in search of high paying and suitable jobs, however, the past governments have opened new scopes for freshers. Even the private sector has expanded hugely in the city.

2. Trade and Commerce: Lucknow has deep roots in the commercial business. The city offers a great market for business related opportunities. People from the entire country come to Lucknow and earn great money. Also, the natives of the city have a wide scope of performing business in and out of the city.

3. Education Department: Lucknow offers amazing opportunities to scholars and people related to the academic sector. The city nurtures many great universities, schools, and colleges which facilitate a constant demand for teachers, writers, trainers, staff, and professors. Therefore, if a person has a degree in the education department, he has immense opportunities in Lucknow.

4. Hotel management and hospitality: Most of the high-class and prestigious hotels are present in Lucknow. Being the capital city, Lucknow has to become the host of many national and international personalities so there are many job opportunities for hospitality and hotel management students, chefs, event planners, designers, musicians, dancers, and performers.

5. Medical Industry: There are a number of reputed medical colleges, hospitals, and nursing homes in Lucknow. People holding medical degrees have a bright career in the city. Also, chemists, pharmacists, and nurses have plenty of job opportunities in Lucknow.

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