You will love doing these 7 things in Kolkata
  Admin   14 Jun, 2017

You will love doing these 7 things in Kolkata

There is so much more to Kolkata than just the Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, vivid yellow taxis, muddled traffic, harsh heat, the sea of people, and the much-chronicle dearth. A city with a bold personality, Kolkata is destined to be experienced and not just witnessed by eyes. So, here’s our list of seven quintessentially Kolkata things to do on a spree to the City of Joy.

  • A Ride in the Trams -There’s an indivisible relationship between Kolkata and its trams that ride along its busy streets. House to oldest running trams in Asia, Kolkata is the only city in India that still has an equipped tram arrangement. To get a sense of classic Kolkata, hop on one of these iconic trams to infuse yourself in its idealistic old-world fascination.
  • Street Food -There are a plethora of things to do and spot in Kolkata, but as an enthusiast of all things food, there’s nothing more satisfying than hitting the sidewalks for a nibble of Kolkata street food. Vendors are welcoming and eager to serve you their scrumptious creations. From one man who runs snacks like ghugni chaat and Pani Puri (locally known as puchka), to complete meals of rice and curry, your taste buds will exult. After you’re ballooned up, don’t forget to nurse down a cup of chai in the authentic clay cup or gulp down a mango lassi.
  • Explore India’s only Chinatown -Kolkata’s very own Chinatown is concealed in the old-fashioned by-lanes of Tangra in the eastern division of the city. Set apart by Pagoda-like Chinese temples, age-old pastry shops, time-honored beauty parlors, and mahjong clubs, Chinatown has a distinctive ethnicity of its own. But Kolkata’s Chinatown is possibly most famous for its incomparable street food – a luscious fusion of Chinese and Indian cuisines.
  • Potter’s Quarter at Kumartuli -Situated down the banks of Hoogly lies Kumartuli one of Kolkata’s oldest neighborhoods. And it’s only remaining artisan’s district. Kumartuli is most often visited just before the yearly Durga Puja festival when the artists are busy painting and putting the finishing touches to the Durga statues. An unambiguous must-visit, after all, it is these artists who provide unconcealed joy to the City of Joy during its most adored festival.
  • Boat Rides from Princep Ghat -Evenings in Kolkata get a loving traditional touch with a time-honored nauka or boat ride on the Hooghly from Princep Ghat. There’s no better way to spend a leisurely evening in Kolkata than smoothly sailing into a picture perfect dusk and watching the full of life city casually pass by.
  • ChokroRail -One of the oldest train paths in Kolkata, Chokro Rail (Circular Railway) is a local train line that runs parallel to the Hooghly River. Traditionally used as a means of transport for shipment goods, today, the chakra rail receives a small number of passengers. But the importance of this train lies in its picturesque, momentous route that offers a sight of old Kolkata, as it passes along the various waterside Ghats, and markets.
  • Drifting Around on College Street -Enclosed by the esteemed Presidency College, Theosophical Society, Sanskrit College, and the University of Calcutta, College Street is the academic nerve center of Kolkata. This remarkable street is lined with improvised bookstalls on either side and is home to the biggest second-hand book bazaar in the country.

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These were some fun things that one can only experience in Kolkata. I hope you have already packed your bag and on your way to this magnificent city. Enjoy your stay/move to Kolkata!