5 Reasons why Pune is becoming the youth city of India
  Admin   03 Aug, 2017

5 Reasons why Pune is becoming the youth city of India

Pune is a city that has something to offer to each and every age group. It is a nice place if you have family and will make a great place for the growth and development of your kids. Owing to the peaceful atmosphere, old-age group also have a soft corner for this city. But recently it has seen a lot of youngsters settling in. Pune is the answer if you are finding a career change or if you want high-quality education as the city has lots of universities and colleges which make it the IT Hub and Education Hub. As we all know Pune has developed in almost every region and thus people tend to move to this city but this does not mean that a city like this will always be able to attract youngsters from all over the nation. So what makes Pune keep its young generation and please them? We are about to find out.


The first reason that makes you want to move to the city. You might already know the quality of education that you will get in this city and the exposure you will experience is something worth moving. Most of the people that move to this city are seeking a nice college. This makes the city full of youngsters.


Pune is a place that is one of the best when it comes to your profession, especially if you are under technical area. This city is heaven for all the techies out there and will provide you with the experience that you might have only dreamt about.

Cost of Living

Owing to the abundance of youngsters in this city and most of them being students, Pune is comparatively cheaper as compared to Mumbai. As the cost of living is low the students find it easy to cope up with the trends and fashions of the world which make it a fun and lively place for them.


As you may know, the weather and climate remain pleasant and comforting for the majority of the year. This makes the city a little more appealing to the youngsters and people belonging to the younger age group. Weather of Pune plays a great role in making it a youth city.


Who does not want to reside in a clean city? This aspect not only attracts a lot of youngsters but also people belonging to an older age group. Cleanliness in this city speaks for itself and this feature makes the city a lot more desirable to everyone.

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