Best things to do in Gurugram
  Admin   09 Aug, 2017

Best things to do in Gurugram

Gurugram, just the name of this city makes you visualize tons of huge buildings, luxurious malls, expensive things and really classy people. You might have been to Gurugram as a lot of people have moved here and you might be one of them or at least know some of them. If you are planning to visit this city in the coming time, you might need to know what can be the places that you sibling can take you to. As people living here are free only on weekends make sure you plan your trip at the same time. Knowing some nice things that you can do in this city will be a great way to make your friend in Gurugram impressed by the knowledge you have about the city. There might be chances that they themselves have not done such activities as they are busy all week and most probably spend the weekend sleeping. So read on to know some exciting activities in Gurugram.

•    Visit the Kingdom Of Dreams

The first stop in Gurugram has to be the kingdom of dreams. This is a place where you can explore almost every city of India and taste its delicacies. Yes, Culture Gully has all of the major cities displayed for you to take pleasure of all under one roof. As the name suggests this place is majestic and feels no less than a kingdom. You can also spend some time watching the plays that this place is famous for. Some really fine actors are seen playing different characters in the shows and there is no way you will want it to end.

•    Explore Cyber Hub

It is time to wake up from the dream and come to a much real world. This place is all you can imagine from a Cyber City- Gurugram. The Cyber Hub is one place with all exotic restaurants and cafes. No matter which one you pick for your lunch you will be left with a tummy full of scrumptious food and a big wide smile on your face.

•    Ice Skating

Let us now burn some calories and pull up those skating shoes. But not just any skaters, ice skaters! Even if you don’t know how to skate, you can try and fall a few times but it will all be worth for the memories you have created. If you have never seen natural ice or snow before this will turn out to be a great experience for you. iSkate is the place you need to look for to get the adventure on.

•    Shopping at Sector 29

It is time to go back home. But you cannot leave without some souvenirs for your family members and a lot of stuff from this city for yourself. Sector 29 is a great place to get some of the best things in the city. You can find latest trends here and shops that will have some luxurious things as well as low budget stuff. You can pick up any kind you want and pack up your bags to its utmost capacity until the next time you are in Gurugram.

 Or if you have planned to be here forever you need plan things a little. You need to find some nice movers and packers who get your stuff to Gurugram. An important point is to find a genuine group of packer and movers in Gurugram so that your stuff is safe.  You can also search packers and movers online. Happy moving!