Motivate your kids in packing their own stuff
  Admin   14 Aug, 2017

Motivate your kids in packing their own stuff

The word relocation can stress anyone as there is a lot to do when you have a pack and move your entire house. The stress adds up when you have to move with your kids. There are tons of their own things that need to be packed. And they cherish their things more than anyone else so you need to be very careful while you are packing their stuff. But not when they have to pack it themselves. This is a great time when your children will learn about responsibility and taking care of their own stuff. You will also be relieved by a little pressure as some of the burdens get off your shoulders. So, let us know how you can make your kids pack their stuff on their own.

•    Don’t Order, Ask

While you are packing your stuff and you see your kids observing you do so, you should ask them to help. Don’t command them to do it as that gives them an impression of the activity not being fun. When you ask them to help in a new thing there are chances that they will do it more willingly. This way they will get to know how to pack stuff and the impression that this is something they need to do. Once they get in a habit you can ask them to get the things they want to take with them to the new house.

•    Buy them new supplies

This is a fun way that will motivate them to pack their stuff. You can take them to the supply and craft store from where they can get things that will make the relocation a lot more fun thing to do. You can get them colorful labels, attractive stickers and a journal that will help them to pack as well as motivate them to do so. New packaging materials will also help them encourage them in this task and they will not be bored of this tiresome process.

•    What to keep

This is something that is not tiring and boring. Going through all your stuff and finding the things that your kid does not use anymore and the things that are still valuable for him is also a step of packing and organizing things. This will make them more sorted out they will learn the process of proper packing and moving. The things that are not in use anymore need not be taken to the new house which will only take up a lot of space and money. You can give away the things, not in use to the ones that might find it valuable. This will also make your children learn the value of charity and donation.

•    Make them meet packers and movers

This will be a new experience for your child and this will give them a sense of importance in the moving process. You can ask for suggestions and make them feel that it matters what they think. They can suggest some of the packers and movers as well and you should consider them. A good movers and packers company is important for a nice relocation and you kid needs to understand that as well. Be sure that you sign up for the best packer and mover Mumbai.

These are some of the ways that will motivate and encourage your kids to pack their own stuff. These things will make him more responsible and organized about his things. He will know how this process is done and what needs to be done first when you have to shift. Overall you child will make some cherish able memories and will learn a lot in this entire process.