How to Make a Claim for Insurance?
  Admin   01 Sep, 2017

How to Make a Claim for Insurance?

You must be advised often to insure your goods before making a move. However, you might not know how and when to claim that insurance. Most of the time, this ignorance of the clients makes them lose a lot of money. The packers and movers might not tell you in detail but this blog will help you solve all of your queries related to shifting insurance.

The first question that strikes our mind is how do the insurance claim offered by the packers and movers in Gurugram work?

Sometimes, when a customer is trapped under some shady movers and packers company, it will promise to provide free insurance initially. However, if anything is damaged or lost, later on, they will create problems when you try to claim the loss. Therefore, the first step is to get the insurance clauses in written with complete legal formalities done. Unless and until the insurance is legalized, you won’t be able to claim it and recover your loss.

Moving insurance is a necessary packers and movers service to safeguard your belongings when are being packed and moved from one place to another. Even though the movers and packers companies are professionals, they are not spared from human errors. If by chance, any damage happens, and you happen to have the goods insured already, you can compensate for damages by claiming the loss from your insurance provider. Before finalizing the deal with any packers and movers company make sure that you have cleared all the terms, conditions, and points regarding the insurance. It is important to know all the fine-prints so that you are aware of the situations when you can and when you cannot claim your insurance. Even the packers and movers should not be able to loosen your hold on things when you are clear with all the points.

There are two kinds of insurances provided by the service providers for relocation:

1- Transit insurance

2- All-inclusive insurance

Transit insurance for shifting

The transit insurance helps recover the loss if the goods are damaged or lost during transit, i.e. transportation. The name of the insurance clearly signifies that only the damage or loss occurred during the transportation of goods can be claimed which also means that if your goods are broken, spoilt, or misplaced before or post the transportation, you cannot claim any sort of insurance recoveries from the insurance providers or the packers and movers. So, if your belongings are harmed during the loading or unloading, you will have to suffer the loss.

You can take the transit insurance from any general insurance companies or from your movers and packers company. Usually, the moving companies offer the insurance themselves. You have to collect the bills and the insurance certificate from the insurance provider from beginning your move. 

All inclusive moving insurance or company insurance

This kind of insurance covers the damages caused during the entire packing and moving. Therefore, if your goods are damaged due to human errors while packing, loading, unpacking, unloading, or transportation, you can claim all the loss. However, this kind of insurance is generally provided by the packers and movers company themselves. Therefore, you have to be very particular about the authenticity and credibility of the moving firm.

Generally, you will have to pay some charges for your insurance policy. The cost is usually 1.5% of the cost of the total goods; however, this percentage varies from company to company so we cannot give you the exact details. It is good if you pay this amount as you never know when you have to bear some greater loss.

Think about it yourself! Do you prefer paying Rs 1,500/- initially or suffer a loss of Rs 100,000/- later on?