How to list your business on PMDIR
  Admin   04 Oct, 2017

How to list your business on PMDIR

PMDIR is one of the leading online directories for genuine and verified packers and movers in Lucknow as well as in entire India. With the assistance of PMDIR upcoming movers and packers, companies can develop their industry by linking to the people who are hunting for packing and moving services for their relocation. We offer our customers the assistance and feedback which will help them observe end-user feedback in addition to the review of their services which can help to progress the value of the services provided.

To boost your online coverage and develop your business, PMDIR is the perfect place for you. To get an additional benefit and upcoming growth register your group today. The website helps people to come across a number of companies, service providers, goods and supports your business in India. You can register your business or service for free on PMDIR and help your services grow and reach a wider audience. You can put in your business report, business categories, contact information, photos, social media profiles, location map and much more to the record which will prove to be helpful for your business.

Every genuine Packer movers Lucknow business must be registered for a startup. This article will direct those people who are eager to commence their Packers and Movers Company in India.

There are following things which you require for the registration:

  • PAN Card (Proprietorship or Partnership)
  • Address Proof (Rent Agreement)
  • 2 Photographs
  • ID Proof individual
  • Business Banner and business seal

If you are an individual then you do not need to apply for a PAN card, you can directly apply for Service tax ST-1 online (https://www.aces.gov.in) and you will obtain ST-2 online. Then with the assistance of service tax form, any bank can open your current account for all the transactions that are business related. Now you are an officially registered packers and movers company. It will be very easy to register in an online portal that you wish.

If you want to startup your movers and packers Lucknow business as a partnership then the first thing you need to create is the partnership deed in your circle court, then you require applying for a PAN card for your business (PAN card will be in the same name as of the business identity). Subsequently, you can apply for service tax. Once you obtain your company a service tax number you will be accountable to provide services to your customers.

If you would like to be registered your services as a company you will require a name and a logo brand name. For the registration, you might need to discuss some things with your Chartered Accountant or your Advocate. He will direct you in the further steps of the registration process and also help you register your company in PMDIR.

This is how you can start your own packers and movers services in a verified and genuine manner. PMDIR will help you help you reach a wider audience and gain a lot of popularity in the industry.