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PMDIR is a comprehensive portal of movers and packers. We have a listing of reliable packers and movers service providers. PMDIR is mainly known for the services such household relocation, car carrier service, office relocation, corporate relocation etc.

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Complete Shifting Solution

Relocation is an essential and inevitable part of the life of people who have such jobs or lives which involve a lot of traveling. Shifting may be required monthly or yearly. Sometimes it may be residential shifting, the other times you may be required to move due to commercial business. You should definitely hire packers and movers to assist you in your relocation. You may find it difficult to relocate all by yourself, so, give yourself a break from the stress by hiring a relocation company.

PMDIR is a powerful medium where you can find the most diligent, prestigious and verified packers and movers in India. You can get multiple options for movers and packers at reasonably low rates. The sole aim of the website is to offer maximum satisfaction to the customers. They also deliver your goods to the destination safely and in the allotted time.


Packing and Moving Tips

Helpful tips for easy move:

Moving and packing are commonly assumed as one of the life’s most nerve-wracking events, so it is essential to do all you can to ensure it does not become a devastating experience.

Money saving tips:

You just got a job and it requires you to shift outside Lucknow. This procedure needs a lot of money and you can’t afford to spend much money on a packers and movers company.

Professional and Affordable:

If you really want to get rid of troubles of the complex procedure of relocation you will require appointing a high-quality packing and moving company.

Useful Relocation Tips:

Moving house gets trickier the older you are, but a guide to helping the aged move, de-clutter and downsize can actually help you a lot.

Don't get Trapped and Lured:

This service will be extremely useful for any busy city dweller, and especially for those of them who typically have a hectic schedule and want to make multiple stops en route.

Qualities to Look For in Packers and Movers

Home shifting has undeniably become a fashion caused by the fact that people in massive numbers are moving from one place to another much frequently than ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the cost of the movement determined?

There are several factors which determine the price of the shifting process carried out by the packers and movers. The factors are mentioned below: The number of items to be shifted is the primary price determinants. As the number of items increases so does the price. Normally, the items which can be adjusted in one truck will cost the same amount even if the objects vary in size or material. The distance of the initial place to the new location is also directly proportional to the cost of the package. Longer distance implies more cost.

Should packing and moving be carried out by two different companies or should the task be handed over to the same company?

There are many companies which perform only packing or only moving jobs. You may lure into hiring such companies for both of the works; however, do yourself a great favor by not hiring two companies for shifting. It should be understood that packing and moving are just the parts of a single complete process, i.e. shifting, and the process should be done by a single company. In the case of damage or loss, when there are two different companies, no one will take the responsibility of the eventuality. On the other hand, if there is one single packer and movers firm in action, it has to recover your loss and be answerable to you.

Is vehicle shifting possible with packers and movers? If yes then how?

Yes, the facility of vehicle shifting is offered by most of the packers and movers in the country. Normally, the two-wheelers, three-wheelers, or four-wheelers are loaded onto a truck for shifting. The vehicle is sealed and packed safely; extra precautions are always taken to avoid dents and scratches. The drivers of the trucks make sure that the drive is safe, break-free, nonjumpy, and with the minimum jerks possible.

Can the goods get damaged even when they are in the hands of professionals?

Although it is always best to let the professionals handle the packing and moving of goods, it cannot be said that the goods are 100% safe. The packers and movers try best to pack the goods safely and shift them with even more care; however, unforeseen circumstances can occur anytime. An accident or a mishap can take place which can damage your goods.

Should the goods be insured?

As mentioned earlier, the goods can get damaged, broken or lost even by the movers and packers; therefore, the client should make sure that he has got his belongings insured beforehand so that he can recover the loss.

Why do I require insurance if everything is packed professionally?

You must get your goods insured even when they are packed professionally as it would save you from any financial loss in case the items are damaged or cracked due to unpredicted happenings such as fire, accidents, sabotage, disturbances etc during the moving process.

What are my liabilities throughout the moving process?

You don’t have to worry about much during the moving process as most of the things are taken care by us. However, you will have to supply a variety of documents etc that would be necessary for a number of formalities. It is recommended that you talk about this carefully with your packing and moving firm.

What happens to my goods once they are packed and moved from my residence?

All of your belongings are moved directly from door to door without any transshipment. Nonetheless, for small quantity or part loads - the goods will be moved to our storehouse and clubbed with other goods before they are sent off. At the end destination the goods will be moved to our storehouse and then the ultimate delivery is completed using local vehicles.

Can I also pack my goods myself?

You can do this if you want to. However, please be conscious of the possible problems that can come up. As packers and movers are professionals and have suitable equipment and can face any trouble that comes up with ease; it is advised that you hire movers and packers who will make this process as easy as a walk in the park.

How to find packers and movers near you?

Fill the provided quotes form on the website with your relocation request as well as significant contact details and sit back relax. Our customer support team will analyze your shifting requirements and send it to 5 reliable packers and movers near you. The trusted and verified movers and packers in your city will call you and provide you the best rates possible. For more updates on our customer support policy, kindly contact us.